Meet our Team

GP Partners

Dr Jonathan Ashton (male)

MBchB (2000 University of Manchester), MRCGP, DRCOG, MRCP, PGCME GMC No. 4696654

Dr Jeremy Griffiths (male)

BMed.Sci (Hons), MBBS (1989 University of Nottingham), GMC No. 3323865

Dr Nicholas Hutchinson (male)

BMed Sci (Hons), MBBS (1991 University of Nottingham), MRCGP. GMC No. 3276949

Dr Rachel Janyshiwskyj (female) 

BMedSci (Hons) BMBS (2012 University of Nottingham) MRCGP, DRCOG, DRSRH, PGCert Med.Ed. GMC No. 7284939

Dr Alison Di Mambro (female)

MB ChB (1999 University of Sheffield), MSc, DCH, MRCGP. GMC No. 4621052

Dr Claire McCall (female)

BMed Sci (hons) BM BS (1991 University of Nottingham) MRCGP, DRCOG, DCH, DRSRH. GMC No. 3275962

Dr Lynn Ovenden (female)

MB ChB (1990 University of Sheffield), FRCGP, DRCOG. GMC No. 3491968

Dr Arjun Tewari (male)

MBBS (1997 Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Med University), DFSRH, MRCGP. GMC No. 5201365

Dr Helen Walsh (female)

MB ChB (1988 University of Sheffield), DRCOG, DFSRH, MRCGP. GMC No. 3278006

GP Partners Responsibilities & Interests

Dr Jonathan Ashton

Practice Responsibilities:
Practice lead for Safeguarding and Post Graduate Training and Education. 
Wider Responsibilities:
Urgent Care Clinical Lead for Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group/Principia MCP.
Clinical Interests:
General Medicine, Joint Injections, Men’s Health, Musculoskeletal Disorders and GP Training.

Dr Jeremy Griffiths

Practice Responsibilities:
Practice lead for Governance, Commissioning / Hospital Referrals, Care Quality Commission, IT and Caldicott Processes.
Practice lead for Research.
Practice Clinical lead: Heart Failure, secondary prevention.
Wider Responsibilities:
Member of the Clinical Design Authority, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire: lead for Diagnostics, Nottingham University Hospital interface & prevention.
Clinical Interests:
General Medicine, Elderly Medicine, Neurology, Men’s health, Young Adult health.
Non-Clinical Interests:
Healthcare Leadership & Management.

Dr Nicholas Hutchinson

Practice Responsibilities:
Practice lead for Quality of Outcomes Framework (QOF), GPEDS, Long Term Conditions and Diabetes. Supportive role to medical community re-enablement unit.
Clinical Interests:
Diabetes, Minor Surgery, Musculoskeletal /Orthopaedic Medicine, Men’s Health, Asthma and Joint Injections.

Dr Rachel Janyshiwskyj

Practice Responsibilities:

Clinical Interests:

Dr Alison Di Mambro

Practice Responsibilities:
Practice lead for Post Graduate and Under Graduate Training and Chronic Renal Disease.
Clinical Interests:
Sports Medicine and Diabetes.

Dr Claire McCall

Member of The Practice’s Executive & Senior Management Team – Human Resource Lead

Practice Responsibilities:
Practice lead for Adults with an Intellectual Disability and Mental Health. Clinical Supervisor for Junior Doctors.
Clinical Interests:

Paediatrics and Women’s Health including fitting IUDs and Contraceptive Implants.

Dr Lynn Ovenden

Member of The Practice’s Executive & Senior Management Team –
Management Lead

Practice Responsibilities:
Managing Partner and Clinical Lead for Minor Surgery.
Wider Responsibilities:
Director of PartnersHealth.
Joint Clinical Director of Rushcliffe Primary Care Network (PCN).
Clinical Interests:
Minor Surgery and Health System Management.

Dr Arjun Tewari

Member of The Practice’s Executive & Senior Management Team – Finance Lead

Practice Responsibilities:
Lead for Prescribing and Medicine management, Oral Anticoagulation Monitoring in Primary Care and Cardiovascular Disease (heart failure, ischamemic heart disease)
Clinical Interests:
Dermatology and Men’s Health.

Dr Helen Walsh

Practice Responsibilities:
Lead for Clinical Rotas and Practice Administration.
Clinical Interests:
Medical Education, Dermatology, Women’s Health including fitting IUDs and Contraceptive Implants.

Salaried GP’s

Dr Kirran Bilkhu (female)

MBChB (2005 University of Birmingham), MRCGP, DFSRH, DPD. GMC No. 6122651

Dr Rebecca Briggs (female)

BMedSci (Hons) BMBS (2016 University of Nottingham), MRCGP, DFSRH. GMC No. 7523104

Dr Charlotte Burton (female) 

BMedScI (Hons), BMBS (2014 The University of Nottingham), MRCGP. GMC No. 7454458

Dr Ghomaissa Rosie (female)

MBBS BSc PGDip (healthcare leadership) MRCP. GMC No. 7278833

Dr Christopher Woodrow (male)

MB ChB (2016 University of Bristol). GMC No. 7526746

Dr Matthew Woodrow (male)

BMBS (2014 The University of Brighton and the University of Sussex). GMC No. 7452050

Trainee GP’s and Students

GP Registrars & Foundation Doctors

Castle Healthcare Practice is a GP teaching practice of The University of Nottingham. We therefore have Registrars and Foundation Doctors working at the Practice. They are fully qualified doctors who are working with us to gain experience working in a General Practice environment.

Medical Students

We are also linked to Nottingham University Medical School providing work experience for medical students. They may be in their 1st, 2nd, 4th or 5th year of training and are placed with our Practice to learn about General Practice.  You may find a student present during your consultation with the clinician.  If you prefer not to have a student present, you are under no obligation and the student will be asked to leave the room.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Paul Wade (male)

PGCert Advanced Practice (2017 University of West of England) HCPC registered independent prescriber

Practice Nurses

Our highly experienced team of Practice Nurses carry out a wide range of services. They help monitor patients with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and chronic heart disease. They are a valuable source of information for patients requiring advice about life-style changes such as weight management and help to stop smoking. Our nurses carry out full vaccination and immunisation programmes for adults and children (including those for travel), cervical smears, dressings, pill checks, ECG’s, blood tests, pre-conceptual advice, well man/well woman checks and many more.

Amy Harding

Registered Nurse (Adult) – Nurse Clinical Lead

Emily Baiou

Registered Nurse (Adult)

Kim Black

Registered Nurse (Adult)

Charlotte Moore

Registered Nurse (Adult)

Frances Parnell

Registered Nurse (Adult)

Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants support Practice Nurses with their daily work and carry out tasks such as phlebotomy (drawing blood), blood pressure measurement and new patient checks. They may act as a chaperone when a patient or GP requests one.

Helen Butt

Claire Watts


Our Primary Care Network (PCN) pharmacists are highly skilled healthcare professionals who have trained for many years to become medicines specialists. They have expert knowledge of medicines and use this to work closely with multidisciplinary teams across all the surgeries in Rushcliffe providing clinical expertise.

Our PCN Pharmacy Technicians are healthcare professionals who work alongside our Clinical Pharmacists to ensure efficient and effective use of medicines. Their core role is to maximise safe, cost effective best practice in prescribing medicines to improve the quality of patient care.


PCN Pharmacist

Jemma Ross

PCN Pharmacy Technician

Adriana Tomlinson

PCN Pharmacist

First Contact Practitioners (FCP)

FCP’s can help patients with issues such as back, neck and joint pain as well as muscle pain and sports injuries by:

  • Assessing and diagnosing issues
  • Giving expert advice on how best to manage conditions
  • Referring onto specialist services if necessary

Surya Menon

Nneka Osuji

Vidhi Shah

Social Prescribing

Many things can affect your health, from feeling isolated or lonely to work, money, housing problems or managing different long-term conditions.

Your doctor isn’t the only person who can help you get better. There are other things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing, and sometimes you just need a bit of help to work out what they are.

That’s where a PCN social prescribing link worker comes in. They are there to listen to you and put you in touch with the people and activities that might make you feel better.

Social prescribing can help you to have more control over your health and wellbeing by exploring ways to improve how you feel in a way that suits you.

Jacqueline Kendrick

Nick Marlow

Practice Management Team

The Practice Management Team is involved in managing all of the business aspects of the Practice such as making sure that the right systems are in place to provide a high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, premises and equipment and information technology. The Practice Management Team supports the GPs and other medical professionals with delivering patient services and also helps to develop extended services to enhance patient care.

Lisa Sullivan

MIIA, PIIA, GIAS – Business Manager

Jack Eyre

Operations Manager

Louise Davis 

Senior Administrative Officer

Vicky Styles

Senior Administrative Officer


Our Practice staff are here to help you. We have a dedicated team of receptionists and administrative staff. They arrange your appointments, process your repeat prescriptions, arrange your hospital referral, help with routine enquiries and carry out a wide range of administrative and secretarial duties to keep the practice running effectively.

Catherine Eyre

Reception Manager

Jo Bride

Reception Duty Manager

Rachel Barton

Senior Receptionist

Carers Champion

Rachel Barton

Health Visitors

A health visitor is a registered nurse who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women. Their role is to provide families with children under five years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing. The health visitors that support our practice are located at West Bridgford Medical Centre.

For more information, visit:

Attached Staff

Other colleagues provide valuable services to our patients such as our Health Visitors, Community Midwives, District nurses, COPD Specialist Nurse.  We are fortunate to have some community staff based at Embankment Primary Care Centre.

For information on how to book an appointment, contact our reception team.