Research Opportunities

Cancer – Melanoma

The MyMelanoma Research Study is open to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with a melanoma of the skin, of the mucosal surfaces (e.g. nose, genitals) or under the nails.

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Chronic Pain

Volunteers are needed to take part in psychological research which aims to help explain distress and disability in chronic pain.

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Finding new effective antiviral treatments for Covid-19

Have you tested positive for Covid-19 and are experiencing symptoms starting within the last five days?

Are you aged over 50? Or 18 or over with an underlying health condition?

PANORAMIC aims to find antiviral treatments to improve symptoms early and reduce hospital admissions for people with Covid-19.

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Does molnupiravir help those suffering with COVID-19 at home and in the community get better quicker?

COVID-19 can cause great suffering, and it stops people from performing their daily activities, affecting their work, education,
and caring responsibilities. The risk of complications from COVID-19 is increased in people with underlying health conditions,
older people, unvaccinated people, and those in whom the vaccine is less effective.

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Impact of long Covid

Task 2.3 of the LOCOMOTION study is evaluating the results of the aAP
(a home-based test for the evaluation of autonomic dysfunction) in the asymptomatic healthy population to provide normal data for comparisons.
Autonomic dysfunction is common condition in Long Covid patients, the nerves of the autonomic nervous system are damaged affecting the heart function, blood pressure, bladder function, and digestion.

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Dementia Research

Dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face today. The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and other types of dementia, is set to double over the next 30 years.
Research offers hope. It is only through research that we can understand what causes the disease, develop effective treatments, improve care and hopefully one day find a cure.

To register your interest in taking part in vital dementia research, visit: Join Dementia Research

Dementia Research Poster

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is on the increase since COVID-19. If you are experiencing abuse, it is not your fault. You are not alone!

Imperial College London Department of Primary Care & Public Health is conducting a study to investigate the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of members of the community about domestic violence. Raising public awareness will help prevent abuse. The survey aims to educate our community, leading to a better understanding of the various forms of abuse and how this can affect children and adults.

To take part in this study, visit: Imperial College London – DVA Study

Imperial College London – Domestic Violence and Abuse Study Poster

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EXCEED (Extended Cohort for E-health, Environment and DNA) looks at the causes of long-term health conditions by collecting information about genes and lifestyle. More than 10,000 people have already taken part.

They now aim to understand why some people develop more severe Covid-19 than others, and the impact of the pandemic on long-term conditions. This will help develop new ways to prevent or treat Covid-19 and long-term conditions during and after the pandemic. Minority ethnic and migrant communities have had higher rates of Covid-19 hospital admissions. To understand why this is happening they especially encourage volunteers to join us from these communities.

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General Healthcare

Discover Me

‘Discover Me’ aims to improve our understanding of many different diseases, and to identify ways to help GP Practices improve patient care.

By taking part in ‘discover Me’ you’ll be able to receive information about your ancestry and some of your health information through a secure online participant portal.

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Do you use hearing aids but still struggle to hear, even sometimes in quiet places?

You might be able to take part in a research study.

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