Blood Test ‘Sit and Wait’ Appointments

Did you know that appointments are available for blood tests without having to pre-book them in advance.

The ‘Sit & Wait’ clinic is open Monday to Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm.

Please be aware of the following information regarding the clinic:

  • Blood tests will only be carried out if they have been requested by a clinician.
  • Waiting times will not be given as the number of patients using the service will vary daily.
  • Please be prepared to wait to be seen.
  • This service is for blood tests only. If you require any other service i.e. blood pressure readings, weighing, urine dips etc, these will have to be booked into an available appointment, which can be done by speaking to our reception team.
  • This clinic is for patients aged 16 and over. Patients aged 12-15 should book an appointment at reception and patients under 12 years old will be referred to the hospital.
  • Do not use this service if you have a phobia of needles or have a history of fainting when having blood tests/vaccinations. Contact reception who will be able to book an appointment for your blood test.

There will be a small number of appointments available for blood tests outside of this clinic. However, these appointments may not be based at Castle Healthcare Practice. For more information on the Rushcliffe Enhanced Access Service, visit: CHP – Opening Hours